Solution details

A rich and fully integrated solution which includes:

Software: Capital ERP
Software: Capital Dashboard
Application: Capital Mobile App
Application: Payroll Mobile App

Capital ERP:

Benefit from our Experience in the Software field to push your Business Forward.

Our Modules cover all the main operations your company needs on a daily basis.

Available Modules:

Fixed Assets


Connected to the main Capital ERP software is a companion mobile app.

You can sync and accomplish many tasks that can be then imported back to capital.


• Set client name to perform operations.
• Ability to work online or offline in a secure way.
• Data available, saved locally in case of error or in case of no internet connection.
• Multiuser based app.
• Import data to use.
• Clients statements.
• Clients receipts.
• Data Collector.
• Fixed assets Collector.

The Payroll module inside Capital ERP is also connected to The Payroll Mobile App.

It allows to perform the same tasks related to your HR's department.


• Apply for a new operation request. (Maternity, Sick days, Annual Leave)
• Apply for a new leave request (IFADA, Visa Papers, NSSF documents).
• View all Operation Requests applied for by the employees.
• View all Leave Requests applied for by the employees..
• View current salary and a historical list of previous salaries.
• Ability to send notifications to all employees or to specific employees for all or specific departments.